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Clinical Supervision

Supervision for candidates pursuing the Mental Health Counselor License

Clinical Supervisor

What is a Qualified Supervisor or Approved Clinical Supervisor?

The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling requires that Registered Interns of each of these three professions

(LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), and LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) receive supervision from a Qualified Supervisor before being eligible for independent licensure.

Qualified Supervisors (Approved Clinical Supervisors) are licensed psychotherapists who have received special training in clinical supervision and are authorized to supervise interns.



How is Clinical Supervision Different from My Qualified Supervisor -
Ana M. Lopez Medrano, LMHC, ACS?

My approach to clinical supervision is similar to my approach to therapy. I believe that the goal of supervision is not simply to complete your required hours or to give competent care to your clients.

What I teach interns is how to take their skills and their work to the next level. In addition to what you might normally receive from supervision as the review of your cases, suggestions for treatment approaches or interventions, addressing countertransference, ethics guidance, etc.


In my supervision work, I help you deal with real-life complex questions that affect your clients.

You’ll learn how to balance indirect therapy approaches where you help the client find their own best answers, with more direct therapeutic interventions where you need to take a little more control for a short while to help reassure your client and give them hope, or to prevent them from causing irreversible damage to their relationships.

In my work, I work with interns, provisionals, and students, I also incorporate training in clinical documentation with templates and protocols to help you alleviate the paperwork stress.

I provide bilingual supervision in English-Spanish. 


Frequently asked questions

No. There only needs to be a licensed mental health professional on the premises while you are seeing patients if you are in a private-practice setting.

However, if you are at a hospital, agency, or doing fieldwork, those rules are different.

Your Qualified Supervisor can supervise all of your cases, regardless of where you are seeing your clients.

Absolutely. The rule is that each supervisor needs to be clear on which cases they are responsible for.

Here’s an example of why you may want more than one supervisor: you may be working at an agency where you received free supervision, but find that your supervisor does not have the time to discuss your cases and the issues that are coming up in your work in as much detail as you would like.

In that case, your private supervisor can help bridge some of those gaps. When I was an LMHC Intern myself, I did exactly that and discovered the things I learned from the supervisor I hired privately were, in the end, what enabled me to become an effective therapist.

The first step to getting started with supervision is for you to email me at or send a text message or WhatsApp to +1-954-608-1091 to schedule a FREE phone conversation.

After that, if you decide you’d like to work together, we’ll sign our paperwork and make our first appointment

Individual Supervision (One Hour, 60 Minutes)

Group Supervision (2 or more interns) (One Hour, 60 Minutes)

The combination and frequency of individual and group supervision are dictated by state laws and rules and depend on your current caseload.

We will discuss these details during our FREE phone call at +1-954-608-1091.


    Passion, Professional, Qualified

    My Credentials & Certifications:

    • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (License No. MH14918 Qualified Supervisor – Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling
    • Approved Clinical Supervisor (Cert No. ACS 3610) – Center for Credentialing and Education
    • Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider (Cert No. 873624) – Evergreen Certifications
    • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (Cert No. 726482) – Evergreen Certifications
    • Member of The National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists – (NACBT Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists
    • Psychologist Board Certification (License No. M25797) – Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Madrid, Spain
    • Psychologist Board Certification (License No. 20665) – Colegio de Psicólogos de Perú
    • Member, Spain Society of Neuroscience (Member No. 1652) – Sociedad Española de Neurociencia *Member, Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (Member No. ES22250) – Federation of European
    • CAQH Solutions Pro-View Provider (CAQH ID: 14009862)
      *EAS-C Certificate (EACC Approval #VKEAPA0117-A16 Domain 1, II) – Employee Assistance Certification Commission
    • CPA Training for New Clinical Directors Certification – National Association of Community Health Centers

    Servicios para Psicólogos Internacionales:



    ¡Obtén tu Licencia de Psicoterapeuta en Estados Unidos!

    ¡Bienvenido al programa de licencia para psicólogos internacionales en Estados Unidos!

    ¿Eres psicólogo/a en otro país y deseas ejercer como psicoterapeuta en Estados Unidos? Nuestro equipo de expertos está aquí para ayudarte en cada paso del proceso.

    Nuestros Servicios:

    1. Evaluación de Requisitos: Te proporcionaremos una guía de evaluación exhaustiva de los requisitos específicos para obtener la licencia de psicoterapeuta en Estados Unidos, basados en tu formación y experiencia previa.
    2. Orientación Personalizada: Te ofreceremos orientación personalizada para que comprendas los procedimientos y pasos necesarios para el proceso de solicitud de licencia en Estados Unidos.
    3. Preparación para el Examen: Te brindaremos información, recursos y material de estudio para ayudarte a prepararte para el examen requerido para obtener la licencia en Estados Unidos.
    4. Asistencia en la Documentación: Te apoyaremos en la recopilación y preparación de la documentación necesaria para presentar tu solicitud de licencia.
    5. Entrenamiento Profesional: Si es necesario, te ofreceremos programas de capacitación profesional para fortalecer tus habilidades y conocimientos y cumplir con los estándares exigidos en Estados Unidos.

    Beneficios de Obtener la Licencia en Estados Unidos:

    Contáctanos hoy mismo y déjanos ayudarte a dar el siguiente paso en tu carrera como psicoterapeuta. Completa el formulario de contacto para obtener más información y comenzar el proceso de licencia en Estados Unidos.

    ¡Esperamos acompañarte en este emocionante camino hacia el éxito profesional en Estados Unidos!


    Obtener la licencia en Estados Unidos te abrirá las puertas a una amplia gama de oportunidades profesionales y te permitirá ejercer en diversos contextos clínicos y de investigación.


    La licencia en Estados Unidos es altamente reconocida a nivel internacional, lo que te permitirá calificar para trabajar en los diferentes puestos que acepten esta certificación.


    Obtener la licencia en Estados Unidos te permitirá seguir creciendo como profesional, acceder a mejores oportunidades laborales y alcanzar un mayor prestigio en tu campo